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The style of AMBICIA has been inspired by the modern working woman who is not only confident in her abilities and desires but also knows how to realize them. She is ambitious, dynamic, effective and successful in anything she aspires to. Our AMBITION is to offer clothing matching the desires and the goals of this woman, clothing that will make her feel beautiful not only in the office but also outdoors, in the bar, in the restaurant, anywhere her dynamic daily life might take her to.

We think about people, we love the planet Earth and in all our actions we strive to be aware of the consequences of our actions. The waste of resources, the non-walking, the grandomania, the slaughter of animals, the pollution of nature, all of this does not come into our understanding of the modern woman.

The buildup of norms imposed by media or others, the manipulation of human nature with the purported goal or the unconscious (or conscious) unification of female beauty is in conflict with our vision of beauty.

The most beautiful (for us) is youth and simplicity, then ....... style and mind.